Our client list is comprised of individuals and small businesses like yours, who asked us to help them with various online services.
Some of our recent projects include:

  • An online magazine hired us to write several articles per week to help keep surfers coming back, and to manage their search engine strategies
  • One of Canada’s best known comedians who needed a place for fans to follow his career
  • An online retailer from Florida who needed an e-commerce solution
  • A Toronto area fitness facility who needed a new marketing solution and business plan created. He later hired us to build him a new website and integrate a successful SEO strategy
  • A local retailer who hired us to create an extensive shopping cart populated with thousands of items, and to help move his business from a storefront to online
  • A specialty animal breeder looking to showcase her animals
  • A professional bodybuilder from NYC in need of better branding so as to bring in more sponsorships and personal training clients